Commercial Effectiveness

Commercial Effectiveness
The sales model in the Middle East & Africa countries is still evolving, it has been moving from the armed race to customer-centric approach and still, the clients’ goal is towards the patient-centric strategy. The patient-centric model entails big changes in internal structures for healthcare and in specific pharma companies. A lot of new functions are created to focus on the resultant new stakeholder network.
We have good experience working across these functions creating solutions for different internal stakeholders’ business issues as well as their external stakeholders’ needs.
A ) Communication Effectiveness:
  • Multichannel assessment; digital and traditional
  • Message development, testing
  • Message Recall/ Retention/ Association
  • Ad/ brochure evaluation
  • Campaign Effectiveness
  • Campaign Impact on Business
Patients-Physician connected
) Stakeholders Management:
  • Market Access
  • Patients & Caregiver Research
  • Corporate Reputation
  • Sales Force Effectiveness
  • Customer Profiling and Targeting
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Competitive Intelligence
  • Company Services Assessment
  • KOL Identification & Influence Mapping
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